What To Do When People Come In Waving Consumer Reports" And How To Use It To Close More Sales

Have you ever had a customer come in your store with a Consumer Reports (or Consumers Guide or Consumer Digest).? Doesn't it seem amazing that the one model declared " Best Buy"  is usually one you wouldn't sell if you had too? And have you noticed than none of them agree on what a good value is?

Why do we usually disagree with their findings, and how can we change a customer's mind? Follow me" .

I can just picture a large lab full of highly educated (in every subject except what they are testing) people doing their best to protect the consumer. I think the reason they sample is much more a matter of costs & deadlines. I think the results are as fair as they can be from a group of nonexperts.

The reason we disagree with their findings is that they use a method of testing called " Sampling" . They take a few of the most popular products from a group. (in vacuum cleaners- maybe 25 out of 300 available machines)

Sampling is very fair when doing surveys. Of course, when testing a small sample of an entire product syllabus (like that?) the comparisons will be incomplete, flawed and misleading.

When we get a CR follower, we gently explain the way 20 or so machines are randomly selected (out of a possible 300) and compared to each other. And CR can't tell them which vacuum is best for them because CR hasn't asked the customer a dozen questions to FIND OUT which vacuum is best for them. And we have.

Claude's Law" Never challenge Consumer Reports test results to a CR fan.

Here is exactly what I say when a customer comes in looking for the (completely unprofitable) CR " Best Buy" 
" Everything you'll see in Consumer Reports is factual and unbiased. But because CR isn't supported by advertising, they can't review every product out there. What they do is randomly select 20 or so machines out of a possible 300 and compare these 20 to each other. So the ratings are " ˜how the compare to each other' not how all vacuum cleaners compare to all other vacuum cleaners. Most models aren't even tested at all. And CR does a fantastic job of testing, but they aren't aware of your specific needs, so the tests are pretty general. Do you mind if I ask a couple of questions so we can find theright vacuum cleaner for you?" 

What you are doing is rendering Consumer Reports irrelevant. Of course, if what you're selling is rated highly by any of the " consumer"  magazines, I would mention it. It is absolutely wrong to mention any specific Consumer magazine in any ad. You'll get sued, and they will win.

EVERY CR reader understands that (after it's explained). We never have a problem. They usually slowly put the magazine down, so we can do real comparisons. We even tell them that CR does a great job on comparing cars & that's how we picked ours (mostly true).

Remember, someone coming in with a " Consumer"  magazine tucked under their arm is a buyer. They are in your store to buy. They have already done the research. They are running full steam ahead to buy from you. They just need a " slight nudge"  in a slightly different direction.

And this part is painful" Every time we tell a CR shopper that CR is a crock, we lose them. Every time we try to convince them that CR is wrong" .We lose them. Every time. Almost every time I go along with them on CR, we get a sale. I mean better than 95% of the time. I breathe a sigh of relief when one ofthese " Consumer"  magazine readers comes in my door.

Almost never get the sale- almost always. You choose.
O.K. You win! I had several people at the Myrtle Beach event ask me for this. We hand these out to every person who buys a Riccar (our brand we mostly promote) vacuum cleaner. We also hand it out with a product brochure , when people want to " Think about it" . This is partly the reason that almost 60% of our " be-backs"  actually come back. It also helps justify a price, and so lowers refunds. Use it any way you wish. It" ˜s printed on cheap paper. Several of you have seen this. It's the light yellow " ½ sheet included with this Newsletter.

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