Your Business Card. How Can It Be Used To Generate Sales?

Do you have a business card? Does it look like every other business card? Have you ever tracked a sale to someone that just had your business card? I'll bet the answer is " No"  or " Once" .

Here's why business cards don't generate business; They are just information. They contain what you sell and your contact information. They have no value to them unless the customer wants to keep the contact information.

I have put a sample of my business card in this Newsletter. Here's the one thing business cards lack. The one thing that would give them value...... An Offer.

My card costs about $200 per thousand. It's on folded card stock. It has 4 times the surface area of a normal card. On one side is an offer for free bags (with vacuum cleaner purchase). On the other side is 3 top selling vacuum cleaners and their prices. Inside is the closest I can come to an ad, with the space available.

We also have a Toll Free Recorded Consumer Helpline.

We also have listed our local website.

This card has value. It gives more than just contact information.
It gives reasons to contact you.

What's even more important than what your card says?
How you present your card. I'm not kidding.

If you just hand a card like this & say " Here's my card" , the prospect will just throw it away with the other things that have no value.

Here's how I hand someone my card..........
I show the side with my store name on it. I say-
" Here you are. Don't lose this card, because when you bring it in, I'll give you a dozen bags for free with any vacuum cleaner purchase."  (I show the back) " For example, right now we have the Dyson, Oreck, and Riccars on sale. And with a Riccar purchase you get to use our Thermax Carpet Steam Cleaner free as often as you lie"  (Open the card) " You also get (I list all the bullet points). You can listen to our toll free Consumer Helpline or visit us at Here you are."  And then I hand them the card. It takes less than a minute.

I only use this card with non-customers and Riccar customers.
With non-customers, I use it to bring them in the store. With Riccar customers, I use it to get referrals. I hand out 3 with a sale. I say " Please feel free to give these to your friends" .

What kind of results do I get? Well.......

If you look at it from a percentage return, it ain't pretty. We get about one sale $600 average) for every 100 handed out. We actually had 5 come back after we handed out a box of 500. We expect to get a few more " redeemed"  out of that 500. If you look at it as a ROI (Return On Investment), Let's see.... We paid $105 for the 500 cards (What an outrageous price!). We made a net profit of about $1,700. We went through 500 cards in less than 3 months.

Now think.... We only have about 10 people come in our store a day. Cheryl & I aren't social people. We don't see that many people outside of work. I gave all the cards away (Cheryl thinks I'm way too capitalistic). One guy. How many people come in your store a day? My advice? Steal this idea! Brag to me about the results!

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