Interviewing - The Single Most Important Question To Ask

Interviewing applicants for a position in your small business or retail store is a chance to use tested techniques to make sure you aren't hiring a problem child.

When prospective employees are being interviewed, they are asked about their past employment. But they are usually asked about what" they" did. These answers may be shaded to reflect a well..... favorable impression. Sometimes the answers won't be truthful. Don't you really want to know how well they are going to get along with you and your group after they've been hired? When is the best time to find out if the person is incompatible? Now.

Ask this; " How well did your former employer and fellow employees" treat you?"

Now you're going to get the truth (as the interviewee sees it). Why? Because now you're not talking about" them. But you really" are" talking about them. You're talking about how well" they" get along with" others.

Now here's the secret. Whatever they say about their past employer, they will very likely be saying about" you" in the near future. If they can't get along with the previous group, your group won't be that much different. If they say that the previous employer was a great guy and that the other employees were easy to work with, this person will be saying the same thing about your group pretty soon.

This isn't absolute. It's possible that their past employer was " out to get them" or " he was an absolute moron and shouldn't have been in charge" .But the idea sure points you in the right direction.

Claude Whitacre is the author of the book The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual. Claude speaks on small business advertising and retail marketing.

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