How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant

We all have competitors. Some of them are local, some sell by mail-order or on the internet. Here's how to literally become " The only game in town" .

1) Offer services that nobody else will.

2) Package your offer so it can't be shopped. We give several things away. Extended warranties, add-ons, and more. Don't separate these items when you are showing the customer the offer, don't say " For an extra $59 you get this." We just include everything in our " package" and quote a price. Now your price may be more than anyone else in town, but it won't matter. Because the offer will include more (of the things the customer" wants) than they will get anywhere else.

3) Sell high end. Nobody else in town will advertise what you advertise. Therefore, you aren't " sharing" any of our selected market. Advertise what other people" don't.

4) Demonstrate features that the customer wants. Many times other products will do what my product will do. But if you're the only one telling the customer about it, it's" unique" in the mind of the customer.

5) And I'm going to keep beating this drum. Give away free services. Don't charge for minor services. Advertise the fact. This completely separates you from everyone else. I continually hear from others in my business " But we make $500 a month on installing vacuum cleaner belts. I'm a professional. I get paid for what I do" . Good. Keep thinking that. You're the guy I'm taking business from, by offering, to your customers, what you won't.

Claude Whitacre is the author of the book The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual. Claude speaks on small business advertising and retail marketing.

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