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Only for trade associations and companies selling to independent business owners

How You Can Be The Hero Of Your Event By Booking The Right Speaker With a "Can't Miss" Topic.

What is the hottest topic today for small business owners?

How To Locally Advertise Online To Generate A Quick And Steady Stream Of Profitable New Customers

Claude Whitacre speaks to groups of independent small business owners...and nobody else.

If your end customers travel less than 50 miles to come to you...or you travel less than 50 miles to go to will want to read the rest of this page.

Show your audience how to finally advertise where their customers are looking! Show Them How To Dominate Their Local Competition!

That's Right, Claude will show your audience the complete method in a fast paced, entertaining session that will create huge profits for them, and make you look like a Hero because you found this, and brought it to them.

Claude will even do much of the marketing for you.

You'll get:

Articles for your newsletters/trade magazines and e-mail list to promote your event

Free interviews by phone to promote you and your event

Claude can make this anywhere from a 75 minute talk to an intensive 3 hour workshop.

Contact Claude at:
Claude Whitacre
2799 Cleveland Road
Wooster, Ohio 44691

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